Propera reunió 15 març 19:00 PRBB

Salut Ristes de Barcelona!

ens plau anunciar la propera reunió del grup d’usuaris d’R de Barcelona, RUGBCN, el dijous dia 15 de març a les 19:00 a la sala Charles Darwin del PRBB: mapa aquí:

es pot entrar a la sala directamente des de la plaça central del edifici.El programa es consisteix en fer grups petits de treball (com va funcionar molt bé la darrera vegada) en 2 blocs:

19-20h Grups temàtics:

“Objectes bàsics” by Aleix Ruiz

“Tets estadístics with R” by Roger Borràs

20-21h How to make your code faster

“vectorització vs apply vs bucle” by Tim Riffe

“Parallel” by Aleix Ruiz de Villa

“compile” by Lluís Ramon

com es veu, els temes son variats i pertinents per a usuaris de nivells diverses.

…i després fem copes!

us hi esperem!


—————-// English \\——————————-

Greetings R users of Barcelona!

we’re pleased to announce the next meeting of RUGBCN, to be held Thursday March 15th at 19:00 in the Charles Darwin room of the PRBB (Barcelona Biomedical Research Park), located here:

you can enter the room directly from the building’s central square.

Since it worked so well last time, we’ve decided to do small hands-on groups, this time in 2 blocks:

19-20h topic groups:

“Basic objects” by Aleix Ruiz

“Statistical Tests with R” by Roger Borràs

20-21h How to make your code faster

“vectorization vs apply vs looping” by Tim Riffe

“Parallel” by Aleix Ruiz de Villa

“compile” by Lluís Ramon

(language of presentation might vary by group, so we’ll figure it out at the meeting)- looks like it’ll be a pretty awesome meeting though. The topic level will be more varied than at previous meetings, so it would be appropriate (we suppose) to invite people that are just getting started.

Afterwards join in for drinks!

we’ll see you there!



About Tim Riffe

I work for the HMD ( and the Department of Demography, UCB. I love demography and programming.

3 responses to “Propera reunió 15 març 19:00 PRBB”

  1. biopau says :

    Hola, Tim, could you upload the slides (or the set of R instructions) of your talk “vectorization vs apply vs looping”. I am suspicious that I am reinventing the wheel … and your talk might certainly enlighten me :-P. Thanks!

    • rugbcn says :

      sure thing! Sorry, I’ve been rather absent, as I’ve just moved away from BCN. I’m still hoping to get around to a blog entry soon. I’ll try to find your email and send you my syntax. Be aware that the example is rather concocted, and the only thing I was (we were) interested in was speed :-), so the examples include a bit of vectorization / apply(), but also other tips.

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