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The RoughSets R Package (free webinar)

Ray DiGiacomo, President of The Orange County R User Group (OC-RUG) in Southern California, contacted us to spread the word about the free webinar they will host on the new “RoughSets” package.

RoughSets package

This free webinar will provide an introduction to the “RoughSets” package, which provides comprehensive implementations of rough set theory (RST) and fuzzy rough set theory (FRST).

Webinar Format:

  • Introduction to the RoughSets R package
  • Live demonstration
  • Question and Answer period

Webinar Date/Time: June 24, 2014 at 10 am California time

Speaker: Lala Septem Riza, RoughSets package co-author

Webinar Registration Page

Please note that in addition to attending from your laptop or desktop computer, you can also attend from a Wi-Fi connected iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet by installing the GoToMeeting App.


Relenium, Selenium for R. A new tool for webscraping.


Two members of the RugBcn  have developed a package for R that ease the path for webscraping . Among the current packages, we highlight the well known RCurl and XML packages. Both are enough for most situations, but they have a limitation dealing with situations where there is some javascript between the user and the information. For instance when the only way of getting to the desired page is by means of clicking buttons, selecting in menus, ….

Relenium has imported the java module Selenium (implemented in many languages, though) which has been traditionally used for web testing, via the package rJava. Its use is very intuitive, since reproduces the actions that a human would perform on a web page. The webpage of the project can be found here. There is an example explaining in detail how to use it. The package is still in development, so any comments/suggestions are welcome.

We hope you enjoy it.

Lluis Ramon and Aleix Ruiz de Villa,

RugBcn (Barcelona R Users Group)

Tutorials from the IV Jornadas de usuarios de R.

The “IV Jornadas de usuarios de R”  were held in Barcelona on November 15th and 16th of 2012. From the Barcelona’s Users Group (RugBcn) we want to highlight two workshops given by some of the RugBcn’s organizers :

  • Ggplot2 and ggmaps by Lluís Ramon, Andreu Valls and Roger Borràs (in spanish).
  • Introduction to reference classes by Aleix Ruiz de Villa (in english). Reference classes adopt the object oriented programming framework of other programming languages, such as C++, Python, Java, … They are more ‘formal’ than the standard class types in R (S3 and S4). On the other hand, the main advantages are: better organized code (very useful for large projects) and functions with reference class objects do not copy such objects, bringing more efficiency in memory usage.

Aleix Ruiz de Villa, RugBcn

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